iM2C Cordless Endo Motor with LED with German motor

  • $650

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Details :

CE, FDA, ISO certified 

German motor 

IM2C Cordless Endo Motor with LED,  Model: iMate-II
● 20:1 MINI HP contra angle with 6 adjustable directions.
● with
 high light LED, better for observing root canal.

● Working modes: reciprocating, continuous rotation, single forward rotation and single reverse rotation.
● The reciprocating movement with rotary files does NOT require the purchase of an extra contra angle.  But require the purchase of "One File", for example Dentsply brand Wave*One File" OR Denjoy “Free File”.

● IM2C has special program P5 to withdraw the broken file using appropriate ring drill.



Torque control from 0.6 to 4.0 Ncm

Speed range 120-500 rpm

iMate-I can NOT connect reciprocating contra angle instead of the work of hand file. 

IM2 can connect reciprocating contra angle instead of the work of hand file, but the dentist should purchase extra reciprocating contra angle. 
iM2C can work with reciprocating movement using machine rotary files, but the dentist should use"One File", for example Dentsply brand Wave*One File"



One Year 


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