Coxo C smart 1-pro

  • $700

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1-Big size color LCD, rich information display

2-Touch button,simple and easy to use

3-Imported special motor,mute,big torque

4-Detachable handle LED lighting system,the operation Vision is more clear

5-16:1 NSK  Endo-mate interchange push button contra angle

6-Effective precision motor drive and multi frequency root cannal measurement technology can simultaneously achieve root canal measurement and preparation

7-Including mainstream root canal expansion system,like Dentsply Wave one、VDW Reciproc,no need to set up,just choose and use

8-High capacity rechargeable battery

Technical parameters 

Adaptor working voltage:     100-240Vac,50/60HZ;
Adjustable torque range:       0.6-4.0N.cm(6-40mN.m)
5 setting adjustable ratational speed ranging:     150rpm-650rpm
Volume(cm):     23.5x20x14.5
Weight(kg)/PCS:    2.8
Packing material:    carton
QTY per master carton:    1pc/ctn







One year


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