• $4,500

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Please watch this video for details


Standard specifications 

1-Automatic cup filler-1 set 

2-Three way apringe for cold and hot-1 piece each 

3-Water suction and saliva ejector-1 piece each 

4-LED deluxe induction dental lamp-1 set 

5-X-film viewer(DC/low voltage)-1 set 

6-Integrated foot controller--1 set 

7-Water supply system-1 set 

8-Motor dental chair control system with memory--1 set 

9-Rotatable ceramic spittoon-1 set 

10-Deluxe dentist stool-1 set .



With Latest Foldable Style Chair Body; Deluxe Inductive LED Lamp; Imported Linak Monitor; Floor- mounted Box; Real Leather for chair; Leather Dentist Stool; Imported water/air tube

Optional features 

Ultrasonic scaler 

Curing light 

Intraoral camera with LCD          



One year