AD009 dental loupes ( with battery and LED)

  • $399

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Watch this video for details and installation

Crystal clear images:


Product parameters 

1- Magnification powers: 2.5X-3.0X-4.0X-5.0X-6.0X are available.

2-Working distances: 330mm-420mm (recommended) 

3.Field of views:

A- 2.5 X : 110mm

B- 3.5X  : 100mm

C- 4.0X  : 85mm

D- 5.0X. : 70mm

E- 6.0X : 64mm 

4.Total weight:

A-Total weight with LED in use  for 2.5X , 3.5X : ~200 gm.

B-Total weight with LED in use  for 4X,5X,6X : ~220 gm.

5.Chargable battery pack-Battery capacity 1800 mAh.

6-Voltage: AC90-250V.

7-LED  Power 3W- Illumination: 40000LX- Color temperature: 6500K.



1.Magnifying tube: high-end optical design, multi-layer lens coated AR coating, sophisticated assembly process in one.

2.PD adjustment: mobile adjustment IPD

3.Lens angle: about the angle of the lens barrel can be adjusted by convergence to get a different distance of an object image.

4.Joint adjustment: to meet the doctor's individual needs through adjustment.

5.Lens: Magnifier lens can block splashes, and removable;

6.Frame: Frame made of lightweight materials for the support pieces.

7.cleaning cloth and screwdriver included.

8.High-brightness LED light source.

9.Full charged battery can last for up to 5 hours.

10.Packing size: 185 * 125 * 70mm.



One Year 





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