AD013 dental loupes ( with battery and LED)

  • $99

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Magnification power:  3.5X,2.5X 

Working distance:      420mm
Depth of field:             80mm
Field of View:              60mm


More details 

Powerful LED light with battery .

Set of dental loupes 

Head strap 

Adjustment Tool 

Setting Target 

Flip Grip 

Ultra Light Weight  (75.0 g) 

One Step Pupillary Adjustment 

Convenient 420mm Working Distance

Adjustable Angular Viewing 

Large Depth of Field 

Easy Convergence Settings

Safety Soft Touch Frame 

Flip-up Design 

Large Field of View  

Stylish Designs 

Multi-Person Use 

Inclusive cleaning cloth 

Battery pack weight: 100g

Charge voltage: AC110V/240V/50-60Hz


Packing list

1 × Loupes
1 × Battery
1 × LED head light
1 × Glasses cloth
1 × Screwdriver
1 × Adaptor


One year