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Tips for dentists during COVID-19
  1. Non-urgent dental care should be deferred to minimize risk to patients, staff, and the public. and aerosol-generating procedures (AGP) present a higher risk of transmission of the virus and should only be undertaken to provide urgent care where...
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How to choose your dental loupes?
Why dental loupes are becoming so popular among dentists? The primary reasons that magnification is becoming the standard of care for the majority of dentists are:A. Enhanced vision for improved patient care. Reviewing and evaluating details of teeth, and soft...
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Dental X-ray sensors vs X-ray films
All we know as a dentist that dental x-rays are highly needed to help us find hidden dental decay, impacted teeth, show bone loss, cysts, abscesses and more. The X-rays sensors have several advantages over the traditional X-rays. For instance:...
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