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Susan Mao
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YesBiotech portable X ray is a premium portable dental X ray manufactured by YesBiotech Korean X ray technology base and mainly distributed worldwide by ADAE international dental store.

ADAE and YesBiotech research teams have put their efforts together in the dental X ray field to make this durable and cost effective dental X ray machine affordable by all dentists.

1.YesBiotech portable X ray is covered with one year full warranty that includes the main body, the built in battery as well as the included adaptors.

2.Within the warranty period, our ADAE store will be responsible for shipping any damaged spare part for free into your destination. If the faulty item needs to sent back for our store for repair, then our store will cover the shipping back fee , then will do the repair and ship it back to you for free also. This policy covers YesBiotech portable X ray as well as any item purchased from ADAE store.

 3.All of the dental items in ADAE store are covered with extend warranty and life long ADAE professional maintenance and technical support.

Watch the video below to see the use of YesBiotech portable X ray with the YesBiotech X ray sensor

Watch the video below for simple unboxing of YesBioetch portable X ray 


1-New upgraded features :

A.Upgraded Lithium Polymer battery with longer life.

B.Complete electronic board upgrade for more stability.

C.Upgraded Bipolar fixed X ray tube with smart cooling.

D.Smart upgraded X ray generator core.

2.Current : 1.0 A 

3.Voltage : 16.8 VDC 

4.Temperature : 0 °C ~ 40° C 

5.Use condition 

6.Max. current : 10 A 

7.Voltage range : 12(min) ~ 16.8(MAX) V 

8.Temperature : -20 °C ~ 60 °C 


– Model : JBL910A-1600 

– Input Voltage : 100 ~ 250 VAC 

– Output Voltage : 16.8 VDC 

– Current : 1.0A 

Technical Data

Name: Rayme 

Tube Voltage : 70kV (fixed) 

Tube Current : 1mA (fixed) 

X-Ray Tube type :  New Uprgared Bipolar fixed X-ray tube 

X-Ray Tube model : DG-073B-DC 

X-Ray Tube Focal Size : 0.3*0.3mm 

Cooling system :  New Oil cooling system.

Total filtration : 1.6 mm Al 

(Inherent filtration : 0.8mm, fixed added filter :0.7 mm Aluminum) 

Target angle : 21° 

Time Set-up function : 0.10 ~ 1.80 sec 

Source to image receptor distance : >10cm (fixed by cone) 

X-ray field : 50 mm (round-style)  

Size of main body : 139(W) x 163(H) x 66.5mm(D) 

Weight of body : About 1.8 kg (except the battery pack)


One year 

Sample of X ray images that our customers have shared with us using YesBiotech portable X ray 

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