WHY ADAE portable dental X ray is so popular?

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Susan Mao
A sales manger at ADAE International Dental Store 


ADAE Portable X ray 

Our ADAE company has sold more than 3000 units since 2015 to different countries in Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, South America,  Asia and many other countries in Middle East. This item has been so popular and has a very great feedback from our worldwide customers.

Why it is so critical when buying a portable dental X- Ray?

The portable dental X ray considered a new dental item that has been introduced recently to the dental market. From that critical point, our ADAE team has the leading research experts that is inspecting each internal part of the portable x ray and make sure that the amount of lead wrapping is following the international standard to prevent any amount of radiation leakage.

According to the last test that has been done by the Chinese Minstery of health, the radiation of our ADAE portable X ray is 0.0025 GMY/H which is considered to be 10 times less than the convention X ray machine.

ADAE manufacturing process is always inspecting the amount of the lead wrapping around the X ray Core generator to maximize the safety features and prevent any hazardous radiation leakage  


1.ADAE portable X ray is covered with one year full warranty that includes the main body, the built in battery as well as the included adaptors.

2.Within the warranty period, our ADAE store will be responsible for shipping any damaged spare part for free into your destination. If the faulty item needs to sent back for our store for repair, then our store will cover the shipping back fee , then will do the repair and ship it back to you for free also. This policy covers ADAE portable X ray as well as any item purchased from ADAE store.

3.All of the dental items in ADAE store are covered with extend warranty and life long ADAE professional maintenance and technical support.

Watch This video for the details and the quality of the X ray image with sensor  :

Watch This video for the details and the quality of the X ray image with regular dental film 


Quality  the X ray image taken by this portable x ray unit


Our portable X ray radiation :   0.0025 gmy/h.

10 times less than the conventional X ray machine 

Dental portable x-ray unit

1.small,light weight

2.nearly no radiation

3.excellent image quality


1.It also can connect with sensor, is great convenience.

2.The body is small, light weight and nearly no radiation.

3.It uses high frequency and DC international power supply.

4.It has excellent image quality, portable storage, save more space.

5.This unit mainly suitable for oral pre-treatment for learning internal organizational structure, root canal therapy,dental implant and so on, is indispensable in daily life clinic equipment, especially for dental implant surgery.


Technical Data

Tube voltage


Tube current


Exposure time




Rate power


Distance from skin to cone


Tube focus



DC14.8V          6400mAh

Charger input voltage


Output voltage


Ambient temperature


Relative temperature


Net weight




  Packing List

Main body

1  pcs           


2 pcs+ 

User manual

1 pcs


One year 

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