Tips for dentists during COVID-19

1. Non-urgent dental care should be deferred to minimize risk to patients, staff, and the public. and aerosol-generating procedures (AGP) present a higher risk of transmission of the virus and should only be undertaken to provide urgent care where no other option is available and make sure to have an effective procedure that minimizes the risk of aerosol splash such Extra oral suction machine (click here to view our ADAE Coxo extra oral aerosol suction machine).
2. Any patient requesting urgent care should first be triaged by telephone by a dentist to assess their clinical urgency, establish their COVID-19 risk, offer any interim self-care advice, and make an appointment for face to face assessment if required.

3. Dentist job is a high risk for the spread of COVD-19.
To help stop the spread of coronavirus
, we are advising against all non-urgent dental treatment which includes the following:

  • Dental check-ups. 
  • Preventive treatments such as scale and polish and fluoride varnishes. 
  • Examinations and x-rays. 
  • Appointments for braces. 
  • Cosmetic dental treatment of any kind e.g. tooth whitening. 
  • Routine denture treatment. 
  • Treatments on teeth that are not painful e.g. fillings and extractions. 

4. For putting on PPE ( Personal protective equipment) the order is uniform, apron, mask, eye protection than gloves.
For removing PPE, the order is gloves, apron, eye protection, mask, uniform. Throughout the process, it's important to keep hands away from the face and limit any surfaces touched in the patient's environment. (Click here to see our available PPE products).

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