The traditional method of taking impression brings discomfort to many patients, especially for patient with severe gag reflex, it can be a very unpleasant experience. It takes lots of manpower, material and financial resources. Aoralscan by SHINING3D subverts this traditional way, making dentist’s job simpler and patient’s experience much more comfortable.

Patient is 74 years old,She had an old bridge which did not match aesthetically or functionally, so a new one was made. The lady was thrilled with this new technology. She was glad that she didn’t have to go through the silicone impression she was familiar with, which she said was very unpleasant and uncomfortable. Digital impression with Aoralscan felt much better and much faster.

Before preparation, we can directly scan the old bridge as reference in the subsequent design.

Prepare the dies for the new restoration after removing the old bridge.

Scan the prepared dies with Aoralscan from SHINING3D.

Digital data were imported into exocad, here is the jaw data with old bridge for reference when design the new restoration.

Digital data of the prepared jaw and antagonist in exocad.

After scanning, the new bridge will be designed with exocad, the created model will be printed with AccuFab-D1 from SHININD3D, here is the fitting result on the model.

Try the new bridge in patient’s mouth, the restoration can fit well and the result makes the patient very happy.

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