WHY ATECO is the best among dental X ray sensors from ADAE

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Susan Mao

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ATECO is the best among dental X ray sensors from ADAE

ADAE international dental store has had the privilege for being the official main worldwide distributor for ATECO X-ray dental sensor since 2016. since then we believed that this marvelous unit will be the best seller X ray sensor worldwide. This X-ray sensor has been developed by UK ATECO technology base and it offers the highest resolution ( 18.5μm; Size 1 is 1.9Mega pixels) ever among the other X rays that are available in the dental market.

This high resolution will help dramatically in getting a crisp crystal clear X ray imaging results that will help in a better dental diagnosis as well as the other powerful diagnostic features that come along with this sensor that allows to be such a powerful diagnostic tool in each dental clinic.

ATECO has the amazing ability to work with different X-ray unit conditions needs, like for some extremely low dose X-ray units (by poor voltage stability & X-ray tube quality), Ateco sensor could still work well.

These below are some X ray images that has been taken using our ATECO X ray sensor  


Based on ATECO Server software. The computer must have the ATECO Dentist dental imaging software, and ATECO Server must installed in one computer.

To share the sensor between several computers, move it from room to room. When you connect the sensor to a USB 2.0 port on the computer, the sensor is recognized automatically and is operational.

To share data between rooms, you can connect them to remote data---ATECO Server database. The ATECO Dentist dental imaging software needs only to access a shared database on the same computer or on a remote computer, which means ATECO Server database.

Click here to learn more about our ATECO X-ray sensor and its powerful software.

Why should I buy ATECO from ADAE Selling channel ?

ADAE is the official main worldwide distributor for ATECO X ray sensor, therefore you will be in a peace of mind that you are purchasing an original and authentic unit with original ATECO software and activation key that will allow it to be used life long without any interruption.  ADAE also offers a true two years warranty and life long technical support. Yet, ADAE online support team will be very happy to help you to install your new sensor through our online service. All these great privileges are available only from ADAE. 




Watch the video below for the details 



(1) We use high quality APS CMOS sensor, higher resolution ups to 27 lp/mm in theoretical with different scintillator options.

(2) Active area as 22.5 x 30mm for Size 1 / the worldwide average length of molar is 22mm so that we could make sure the whole teeth pix to be taken and no info lost.

(3) Higher image pixels as a result of pixel size in 18.5μm; Size 1 is 1.9Mega pixels

(4) TWAIN driver , the hardware is able to work with any other dental imaging/management software as long as it has TWAIN function , so no need to worry about the compatibility.

(5) Come with a powerful imaging software- with strong and useful processing algorithms but easy to use.

(6) Repair the broken cables to cost down/lower maintenance cost. Ateco sensor is with an

 improved extremely flexible & robust cable to lessen the possible cable broken problems;

 besides, we could do cable replacement if it really happens.

(7) Can cover more market (different X-ray unit conditions) needs, like for some extremely low

 dose X-ray units (by poor voltage stability & X-ray tube quality), Ateco sensor could still work

 well while some others might even not have images.


 Technical paramaters 

Resolution  27 lp/mm 
Active area 22.5 x 30mm 
Sensing pixels 1.9Mega pixels
Launched software APP  iPhone & iPad / Android system will be available
Connection USB Standard 



1.Mainly used in Saprodontia ,Root canal ,Periodontal ,Crown and so on dental field, help dentist

to diagnose more conveniently and easily

2. New designed intraoral camera can use with our software and save image in it , no need to work with LCD monitor

3.High definition image and good price

4.CE certificate

5.Offer 2 years warranty

Technical Specifications

Sensor: APS CMOS sensor

External dimension (mm) :44×32() ; 40×26(AT-301)

Sensor Active Area : 36×27() ; 30×22.5(AT-301)

Sensor Thickness : 6mm

Dynamic Range : 0~4,096

Power : 5V±0.5V

Image Transfer :USB2.0

Cable Length :.≥ 3m

Computer System Requirements

Processor: Intel 1.2GHz chip or above;

Memory: Above 1G ;

Hard disk: Above 40G;

Interface: USB 2.0;

Display: Resolution 1024 × 758 (15") or above

Operating System: Windows XP

The computer connected to system shall be in accordance with IEC 60950-1:6005.

Transport and Storage conditions

Environment Temperature: -25~+60;

Environment relative humidity : 10%~93%;

Air pressure : 860hPa~1060hPa;


Operating Conditions:

Environment Temperature : +10℃~+40

Environment relative humidity : ≤95%

Air pressure : 860hPa1060hPa

Safety Classifications

Safety Type: Class- BF

Power: DC5V Maximum 600MA.Rate of Work: Max 1W

Degree of protection against ingress of water: IPX7

Non AP equipment, non APG equipment

Mode of operation: Continuous operation


Packing List:

Manual 1pc

CD 1pc

X-Ray Sensor with controller 1pc

Holder 1pc

Sleeves 1 bag


Two years  





1-All the items in our ADAE store are covered with a warranty. The warranty period is indicated in each item description.
2-Warranty covers a replacement or repair of the faulty item. Contact us immediately for any issue that might happen to our product within the warranty period which is not man-made.
3-Within the warranty period, our ADAE store will be responsible for shipping any damaged spare part for free into your destination. If the faulty item needs to be sent back for our store for repair, then our store will cover the shipping back fee , then will do the repair and ship it back to you for free also.
4-Buyer should check the package once receiving. If the package damage during the freight, please refuse to sign for the package and it will return to
us. Then contact us promptly.
5-If your purchased item is out of the warranty period, then you can report the issue to us and our ADAE service will help you to fix it according to an amount of fee that our technical department will decide based on the issue.


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